Clinical Trial Staff

Laura MacDonald

Head Coordinator

This experienced cardiac technician and medical office & laboratory assistant has experience in Phase II, III, and IV clinical trials. She has been responsible for most aspects of clinical trials including patient recruitment, obtaining informed consents, data collection, CRFs and eCRFs as well as source documentation, obtaining pertinent blood samples as well as centrifuging and shipping of samples and specimens. She has excellent knowledge of ICH and GCP guidelines and has attended the Investigator Support Initiative Workshop re ICH/GCP. She has attended the McMaster University’s Clinical Research Co-ordinator’s course.

Heather Le

Clinical Trial Research Co-ordinator

Highly qualified medical research professional skilled in all aspects of clinical trial coordination, protocols, and participant relations. Experienced in both medical practice and clinical research environments. Demonstrate strong working knowledge of ICH-GCP, company standard operating procedures, regulatory guidelines, protocols and monitoring guidelines.